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About N

General Incorporated Association N provides support and activities to help women play an active role around the world through nursing and care.

We will provide a wide range of support, including assistance with obtaining the knowledge (qualification support) required to work not only in Japan but also overseas, and subsequent support. We will support you so that you can play an active role in various fields such as elderly care and support for disabled children.

General Incorporated Association N conducts activities for children with disabilities, their guardians, and female entrepreneurs.

Specifically, activities to connect Japanese children with disabilities and their guardians, activities to connect Japanese children with disabilities to the world, and holding lectures for female entrepreneurs. In addition, we will support those who are involved in it to disseminate Japanese arts, performing arts, music, and culture, and connect them to the world.

​[Origin of the name N]

of the nameN.for,Japan(N.ippon) children and womennaturally(N.aural)While acting in a self-disciplined way,be connected(N.exus) is included.​The possibilities are endless. Why don't you see the wide world that you don't know yet through various activities?


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  • 日本らしさがあること Nippon

  • 自然体であること Natral

  • 連携していること Nexus

[Definition of N-care]

  • Having Japaneseness Nippon

  • Being natural

  • Collaboration with Nexus

"N Care" is a general term for activities advocated by the general incorporated association N that support women to play active roles in the world through welfare, nursing care, and care. This concept aims to provide a wide range of support so that women can build and grow their careers in the international field while being themselves, being natural, and maintaining Japanese values. Specifically, this includes support and knowledge acquisition to be active in various care fields such as nursing/elderly care, support for children with disabilities, and housekeeping services, as well as preparation and support for working in an international environment.

At the core of NCare is providing a platform where women can thrive anywhere in the world, without losing their identity, but rather using it. The "N" here comes from the three keywords Nippon (Japan), Natural (natural body), and Nexus (cooperation), and these serve as the basic philosophy of N care. N Care's purpose is to support women who value Japaneseness, maintain their individuality, and collaborate with friends around the world. In this way, N-care refers to a support system for women to be active in the three care fields of nursing, nursing care, and welfare, both domestically and internationally, and to achieve self-realization.







[Representative profile ]

Tomoko Harada

A nurse manager in her 50s raising three children. After working as a nurse and facility manager for over 20 years, she entered university at the age of 42 to study management in order to improve the field and industry. Realizing the limitations of studying management at a desk, she dropped out to become a manager. After dropping out of university, she became independent as the manager of an after-school day care center and a nursery school. Having experienced the success and failure of various business launches, she realized the importance of "sticking to your beliefs" when facing difficulties. She also believes that what remains in the end is "activities for people." Currently, alongside her business management, she has established an incorporated association and is a mentor and lecturer in various places to support female entrepreneurs and support overseas expansion.
His special skill is making things. He is involved in crafts, writing poetry, painting, art and music, and turning his inspiration into something tangible is linked to his management philosophy.
His books include "How to Make Easy Musical Instruments Using Everyday Items, thank you (39) Book" (Laule'a Publishing).
Born in Tokyo. Holds nursing and childcare worker qualifications.

About the division

Representative Toko Harada

Established July 2023

Office: Nihonbashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo

Business content Activities to connect children with disabilities and their parents

     Supporting the active participation of women

​    Supporting the transmission of Japanese performing arts to the world

I'll show you the shining world

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