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About the Membership System

General Incorporated Association N has introduced a membership system . After joining , you will basically become a permanent member (except in cases of nuisance behavior, etc.) .

There are no annual or monthly fees .

We will explain the membership system in detail.

"Even when you're alone, you're not alone"
A network of connections with colleagues all over the world


"Even when you're alone, you're not alone"
A membership system to make friends in Japan and overseas

Our organization's membership system is designed to help us make and increase our network of friends both in Japan and overseas.

Although our members live or work in different regions or countries , they are all connected by the same aspirations.

It's very reassuring to work hard with friends from all over the world, rather than working alone.

This will increase motivation and stimulate each other.

To that end, we place importance on connections with our colleagues and place great importance on meeting and gathering together.

There is only a one-time registration fee, and no annual or monthly fees thereafter.

After passing the International N Care Beginner Specialist Examination, those who wish to do so can become members of the General Incorporated Association N. A registration fee will be charged when joining.

  • Once you join, you will basically become a permanent member (except in cases where you have engaged in nuisance behavior, etc.).

  • There are no annual or monthly membership fees (participation in meals and overseas training will incur self-payment)

Various membership benefits that allow you to connect with your peers

After joining (applying), you will take the International N-Care Beginner Specialist Examination and if you pass, you will receive a certificate, membership card, and benefits. When you become a member, you can participate in various activities such as the following to connect with other members.

Let's aim to make our global debut in welfare together with our colleagues
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